If you are planning cosmetic dental work, you can be eager to see the results of your procedure. If you have a problem with your oral health, you can be more than ready to have the problem resolved through the appropriate restorative dental procedure. At our New York, NY dentist’s office, patients can count on us to provide results that are surprisingly convenient thanks to our in-house dental lab. With our lab, we can craft custom restorations that match the look and color of your teeth, and also provide effective long-term protection. By using a lab, we can remove the frustrating waiting period that other practices require when they turn to third-party labs.

We Produce Restorations In Our In-House Lab

Our in-house dental lab is capable of producing lifelike dental crowns and dental veneers that help you enjoy lasting improvements to your smile and oral health. The lab’s location ensures that your dentist is able to oversee the creation of your restoration so you can be confident in its shape, size, and color. This also provides you with the convenience of a crown or veneer that can be put in place without a delay. If you need a crown for an aching tooth, this can lead to an improvement that helps you feel better about biting and chewing. If you want to show off a more attractive smile, a conveniently-made veneer can ensure you have your results in time for an important event.

The Benefits To Receiving A Dental Crown Or Veneer

  • A dental crown is capable of restoring a tooth after a cavity, or after you experience a dental injury. In some cases, this restoration can be an effective solution if you have problems with an undersized tooth. A crown’s presence can stop your tooth from experiencing new problems, and it can also make it easier for you to bite and chew comfortably.
  • Your dental veneers can help you improve the way you look by hiding discoloration, dental damage, and concerns with the way your teeth are aligned. With custom veneers, you can fix congenital tooth flaws as well as problems from dental damage and wear and tear.

We Can Help You Show Off Your Best Smile For 2020!

If you want to show off a better, brighter smile in the new year, our practice can help! We provide a range of services that can give you more confidence in your appearance and dental function in a short time. If you are unsure of what procedure might be for you, we can meet with you and make a recommendation based on your current needs.

Our New York, NY Dentist’s Office Can Help You Avoid Frustrating Delays In Dental Care

At our New York dentist’s office, Dr. Schwartz is able to provide convenient dental work with restorations provided by our in-house lab. For more information, contact our New York, NY dental office at 212-582-6617.