When a dental practice relies on a third party lab for their restorations, the process of designing a custom dental crown or dental veneer takes place without your dentist’s supervision. In other words, the person who carefully measures your tooth to determine the right shape, size, and color of your restoration will not be included in its development! At our New York, NY dentist’s office, we have an in-house dental lab to design crowns and veneers for our patients. This makes it possible for your dentist to perform preparatory work for your restoration and oversee its development. This can lead to shorter treatment times, and ensure that your crown or veneer is right for you.

Your Dentist Can Oversee The Development Of Your Custom Restoration

Because we have a dental lab at our location, we do not have to send specifications for a restoration out to a third party and hope their efforts to design your crown or veneer are successful. What can happen instead is after taking measurements and preparing your tooth, your dentist can make sure that the appliance designed for you matches the measurements and color required. In addition to making care more convenient, this helps you avoid a frustrating situation where your care is delayed because a restoration is the wrong shape, size, or color.

Receiving The Right Restoration Is Important

Why is a custom design so important for restorative dentistry and cosmetic dentistry? Our goal during this work is to provide results that can improve your smile without drawing attention to the fact that you have had work done. For porcelain veneers, the right size, shape, and color can ensure that your tooth’s visible flaws are addressed without making the tooth appear unnatural. In addition to providing the right cosmetic benefits, an appropriately designed crown can feel more comfortable and also provide you with functional support.

We Are Also Able To Offer Faster Treatments!

How much time do you want to wait for your desired smile improvements? Simply put, we are able to cut out a period of waiting where a third party lab has to mail a restoration to your dentist. This ensures that you see results sooner, making our practice more helpful in situations where you might want to complete treatment before an important event.

You Can Receive A Quality Restoration Made From Our In-House Dental Lab!

At our New York, NY dentist’s office, Dr. Schwartz is able to take care of patients more quickly thanks to our in-house dental lab! This lab provides us with dental crowns and veneers without frustrating waiting periods, and it can ensure your dentist oversees the development of these appliances. For more information, please call our New York dental practice today at 212-582-6617.