Month: March 2020

Without Treatment, An Injured Tooth May Become Infected

If you leave your tooth alone after injury, you may find that discomfort remains a persistent issue. Our teeth are not able to mend themselves as effectively as other parts of our body. While many physical injuries can heal with time, a tooth that is chipped or cracked can remain damaged. What you also have… Read more »

We Can Provide A Custom Restoration For An Injured Tooth

How much support do you really have from your dentist if your tooth is injured? At our New York, NY dentist’s office, we have the technology on hand to provide a prompt response for injured teeth. Thanks to our in-house dental lab, we can actually make a custom restoration for your tooth at our practice,… Read more »

We Can Save You Time By Designing Your Restoration In-House

Your time is important, but so is your smile. Is there a way for you to enjoy quality dental work that also limits the time you spend in the dentist’s chair? At our New York, NY dentist’s office, we can make impressive treatment surprisingly convenient thanks to our in-office dental lab! The lab at our… Read more »

Our Dental Practice Can Produce Custom Veneers In-House

How much can you really expect to change about your smile when you arrange a cosmetic dental procedure? With the right treatment, you can take on multiple problems with the way you look, so you can enjoy a significant confidence boost in a relatively short time. Our New York, NY dentist’s office provides multiple procedures… Read more »