How much support do you really have from your dentist if your tooth is injured? At our New York, NY dentist’s office, we have the technology on hand to provide a prompt response for injured teeth. Thanks to our in-house dental lab, we can actually make a custom restoration for your tooth at our practice, which can ensure that the tooth is restored in less time than other practices can require. You can be particularly glad to have this prompt care if your injury is serious enough to feel like a dental emergency. With that said, there are certainly other circumstances where we can take care of your tooth using one of our lab-made dental crowns or dental veneers.

An Injured Tooth Is Not A Problem You Should Ignore

Even if your tooth injury seems like a relatively minor problem, having it checked by your dentist can be beneficial. By going in for an evaluation, the tooth can be examined to see if the problem has affected the tooth’s health. We can also check to determine if you are at risk for the tooth breaking further. Of course, restoring an injured tooth can also benefit your appearance, as even minor damage can disrupt your smile.

Arranging Emergency Dental Work

If the problem with your tooth is serious, we do make emergency dental work available to patients. Not all emergencies involve visible damage – a serious tooth pain can also be cause for urgent care. During an emergency dental appointment, we can do work to save a tooth, put a stop to your pain, and restore your smile. In situations where we might have to replace a lost tooth, we can discuss a modern dental prosthetic that benefits your smile and appearance.

Our In-House Lab Allows Us To Shorten Overall Treatment Time

Our in-house dental lab gives us the right technology to craft custom porcelain dental crowns and dental veneers without the assistance of a third party. You can be glad to know that fewer people are involved in developing your restoration, and that your dentist can oversee its creation. Of course, you can also be happy to hear that our lab can shorten your treatment time!

Your New York, NY Dentist Can Restore Your Injured Tooth

Your New York, NY dentist’s office is prepared to take on problems with your smile, even when those problems arise unexpectedly. Through our in-house lab, we are able to create attractive and durable restorations that are custom-made for your tooth. We are also here to help you respond to problems like tooth decay, cosmetic concerns, and other matters. To find out more about Dr. Schwartz and our New York, NY dentist’s office, please call us at 212-582-6617.