If you leave your tooth alone after injury, you may find that discomfort remains a persistent issue. Our teeth are not able to mend themselves as effectively as other parts of our body. While many physical injuries can heal with time, a tooth that is chipped or cracked can remain damaged. What you also have to worry about is the possibility that your tooth could develop an infection after an injury. This can be the reason you continue to feel pain – if it is not addressed, it can also lead to that tooth being lost! Your New York, NY dentist can work on an injured tooth during an emergency dental appointment. Because we have an in-house lab to produce custom restorations, we can make your treatment experience more convenient.

Ignoring Dental Trauma Can Lead To Upsetting Consequences

Why would someone ignore a tooth injury? If the injured tooth is hard to see, or if you feel that the damage is relatively minor, you may hope that you can put off treatment indefinitely. What you should know is that you may experience problems with the health of your tooth even if the injury seems slight. If your tooth is cracked, or if your pulp is damaged, an infection can lead to persistent discomfort. It can also lead to bacteria traveling through the tooth’s roots to cause further trouble for you!

What To Expect From Emergency Dental Work

We can set an emergency appointment for you in order to restore your tooth’s health on short notice. We understand that these problems can arise at unfortunate times, and we can work to make sure you have the care you require as soon as possible. When you are in our office, we can perform an analysis of the tooth, determine what kind of care is appropriate, and provide treatment. In addition to restoring the health of an infected tooth, we can make sure you receive a custom restoration that keeps it safe.

Our In-House Lab Can Make Your Restorative Treatment More Convenient

Because we use an in-house lab for restorations, we can produce a dental crown or dental veneer for a patient without requiring the services of a third party laboratory. This makes the process of caring for your smile more convenient, and it can ensure that your tooth is restored in less time!

Your New York, NY Dentist Can Provide Lasting Support For An Injured Tooth

If you experience the signs of tooth infection, or worry about the health of a tooth after physical trauma, our New York, NY dentist’s office can see you for emergency dental work. Dr. Schwartz can provide important care on short notice, and our in-house lab can ensure that you have your restoration ready in less time than you might think possible. To find out more, call our New York dental office at 212-582-6617.