Be Careful About Starchy, Sugary Foods At Thanksgiving

As tempting as it is to fill up your plate at Thanksgiving, you should consider how the foods you eat can impact your teeth. You might be surprised at the quantity of sugars and starches used in recipes, even those that seem healthy. Because many of us can count on leftovers, the impact of Thanksgiving food on our oral health is more than a one-meal concern. Make sure you drink plenty of water, which will help you rinse away food particles, and produce saliva to fight oral bacteria. Limiting your portions can also be beneficial. At any time of year, your smile health is important. Practice smart habits, and remember to make time to visit your New York, NY dentist for routine dental checkups. (more…)

Dental Injuries Can Be Scary – We Can Help

The mere thought of a dental injury might make you reflexively wince. Tooth pain is certainly unpleasant, as are the cosmetic effect a damaged tooth can have on your smile. While you hopefully will not need it, you can feel comforted knowing that your New York, NY dentist is ready to help if you injure a tooth. Emergency dental services can be provided when a person experiences worrying harm to a tooth, or to several teeth. In addition to addressing any potential threat to your health, your dentist can work with you to properly restore your smile.  (more…)

Bringing Back Your Complete Smile With Dental Implants

How much trouble can you experience because of tooth loss? This problem can create serious concerns – the loss of even one tooth can make it harder for someone to bite and chew food, while also making them anxious about the way they look. Fortunately, modern prosthetic dental work can offer functional and cosmetic benefits that help you feel confident in your recovery from an incomplete smile. Your New York, NY dentist can talk to you about addressing the problem by using a dental implant to hold your restoration. Implant support can mimic the kind of support offered by a tooth root while holding your lifelike dental crown or dental bridge in position. (more…)

Make Sure You Stay Consistent With Your Oral Care Habits

Good habits only work when you stick to them. It may seem obvious to say “be consistent with brushing and flossing,” but the importance makes a little obviousness worth it. When you just feel too tired to brush before bed, or when you brush and floss as quickly as you can in order to make it to work on time, you can leave harmful plaque on your smile, and eventually develop tartar. Fortunately, you do receive a thorough professional teeth cleaning at every visit, which can involve the removal of tartar. With that said, your best chance at avoiding problems that demand restorative dental work involves a combination of consistent daily care, a smart diet, and regular checkups. Letting one or more of these slide can be trouble for your oral health. (more…)

Greeting 2019 With A Better, Brighter Smile

Because 2019 is closer than you might realize, this can be a great time to start thinking about what you want from your new year. It can also be a great time to think about what you want for yourself. Your New York, NY dentist can provide cosmetic dental work that can help you greet 2019 with a better and brighter smile. The right procedure can help if you are bothered by problems like discoloration, including blemishes that resist the effects of a professional teeth whitening. You can also be surprised at how soon you can show off improvements by addressing problems with dental damage, as well as misshapen or improperly sized teeth. In some cases, patients can have their new smile ready for the world after just a single appointment! (more…)

Find Fun, Unique Items At The Renegade Craft Fair

You can enjoy access to many unique items from many talented vendors when you visit the Renegade Craft Fair! This special market will operate in Manhattan on Saturday, November 17 and Sunday, November 18, with more than two hundred talented craftspeople and artisans offering an array of impressive works. You can also take a break from the shopping to enjoy tasty items from food trucks on hand, check out DJ sets, and even take part in your own DIY works! Your New York, NY dentist wants everyone to make the most of their holiday season. Of course, even as you enjoy time with friends and family, you should be mindful that too many tasty treats can lead to trouble for your smile. Our practice is ready to provide expert dental care during your next checkup! (more…)

TMJ Dysfunction – What Do I Need To Know?

When a person develops problems with their jaw joints, or the muscles controlling their jaw movement, they can suffer discomfort, and functional difficulties. These problems, often referred to as TMJ dysfunction, can lead to stiff, painful jaw movement, as well as aches and pains in your face, neck, and head. You can also experience problems with bruxism, or a habit of grinding your teeth, which can result in chipped or cracked teeth. If you think you are experiencing problems with TMJ dysfunction, discuss this with your New York, NY dentist. By addressing the matter, your dentist can help alleviate ongoing discomfort, and make it easier for you to bite, chew, and speak. Trouble with TMJ dysfunction and bruxism can also be identified by your dentist when you are attending a regular dental checkup. (more…)

Quiz: Understanding How Plaque And Tartar Affect Your Smile

Why is it necessary to make oral care a daily habit? Why should you take the time to brush at least two times a day, and floss at least once? Consistency and thoroughness are both important to your oral health because oral bacteria can accumulate over time. If too much time passes without cleaning your teeth, plaque can form, and your plaque deposits can eventually harden to tartar. If you have tartar deposits on your teeth, it will take a professional dental cleaning to remove them. Plaque can be cleared away by good brushing and flossing habits. As effective as it can be, a good daily oral care routine should not be your only means of protecting your smile. You should also schedule ongoing dental exams. Your New York, NY dentist can work with you to ensure your smile is properly protected against oral health threats. (more…)

Stopping A Cavity Before Your Tooth Becomes Infected

A tooth infection is a painful problem, one that also poses a threat to your oral health. If no action is taken in time, bacteria can spread from your pulp, and do more harm to your jawbone, and to neighboring teeth. Fortunately, your New York, NY dentist can address the matter in a comfortable environment, and by using modern restorations that look natural when you smile. Of course, even with advanced care available to you, your goal should be to avoid an infection to begin with. Smart daily care can limit your cavity risk, and regular dental exams create important opportunities for your dentist to look for any signs of trouble. If decay is caught in time, you can avoid an infection, and have your tooth completely treated with a dental filling. (more…)