Can You Make Time For Dental Work Before A Big Event?

The idea of dental work can feel like a commitment that will be hard to fit into your current schedule. Because of this, you may be unwilling to even explore the idea of restoring your smile before an important event because you assume there will simply be too little time. At our New York, NY dentist’s office, we can help you complete restorative or cosmetic dental work in less time than you might believe possible. Our practice uses an in-house dental lab to create veneers and crowns we can use to improve your smile and dental function. Because we have access to a dental lab on-site, there is no need to wait for a third party to construct the restoration (or restorations) you require to complete a planned dental procedure. (more…)

We Can Produce Your Custom Veneers In Our In-House Lab

When it comes to cosmetic dental work, custom porcelain veneers can deliver truly exciting results. With these restorations, your New York, NY dentist can address problems with the color of your teeth, restore their condition, and even improve their shape and size. Thanks to our in-house lab, we can make treatment with veneers surprisingly convenient. This is because our lab makes it possible for us to provide care without relying on a third party to design your custom appliances. Your dentist is on hand to oversee the creation of your veneers, which can be designed and placed with minimal delay. This can be ideal for anyone who is trying to fit cosmetic work in before an important event…or someone who just can’t wait to show off a better smile! (more…)

Have You Been Frustrated By Past Delays In Dental Care?

If you are planning cosmetic dental work, you can be eager to see the results of your procedure. If you have a problem with your oral health, you can be more than ready to have the problem resolved through the appropriate restorative dental procedure. At our New York, NY dentist’s office, patients can count on us to provide results that are surprisingly convenient thanks to our in-house dental lab. With our lab, we can craft custom restorations that match the look and color of your teeth, and also provide effective long-term protection. By using a lab, we can remove the frustrating waiting period that other practices require when they turn to third-party labs. (more…)

We Can Remove Frustrating Waiting Periods From Dental Care

When many dental offices provide cosmetic or restorative dental work, patients can be stuck with a frustrating wait while a third party lab constructs the restoration (or restorations) that they require. This reliance on a third party does more than just create a delay in treatment, it also means your dentist is not present to oversee the crafting of your veneer or crown. Our New York, NY dentist’s office can remove the need for a third party thanks to our in-house dental lab! The lab we use to craft restorations is able to shorten your treatment time, so you can complete work with little in the way of frustrating delays. This can make it easier to fit treatment in before an important event, or to promptly address a dental emergency. (more…)

Our In-House Crowns Can Shorten Your Cavity Treatment Time

What should your expectations be when you schedule treatment for a cavity? Can you really expect to find a practice that is ready to make short work of your issues with tooth decay, while also taking care to provide you with a dependable and attractive restoration? At our New York, NY dental office, we can make your treatment experience better because we produce crowns in our in-house dental lab! Having access to technology that can produce lifelike crowns allows us to shorten the time it takes to restore your problem tooth. This convenient technology also ensures that your dentist is monitoring the creation of your restoration, which means you can count on Dr. Schwartz to provide a crown that has the right look, shape, and size to take care of your smile. (more…)

Our In-House Lab Produces Durable And Lifelike Restorations

Our New York, NY dental practice understands how important it is to feel confident in your smile. In addition to wanting your teeth to look their best, you should also feel comfortable biting, chewing, and speaking comfortably, without dental problems interfering in these actions. When patients come to us for treatment, we can provide lifelike dental crowns and dental veneers that have lasting value. While other practices rely on third party laboratories to produce restorations for them, we have removed this third party by crafting restorations in our in-house lab. This ensures that you receive quality crowns and veneers developed with your dentist’s oversight. It also ensures your treatment is completed in less time – after all, your smile is important, but your time is important, too! (more…)

Want To Improve Your Smile? Our In-House Lab Can Help!

When you check your smile in the mirror, you should be happy with what you see. Unfortunately, people often feel self-conscious because of dental flaws that can be surprisingly easy to fix. At our New York, NY dental office, we have an in-office dental lab we use to craft restorations that can greatly improve a person’s appearance. In less time than you think possible, you can improve the way your smile looks by addressing dental damage, discoloration, and even naturally occurring issues with the shape and size of certain teeth. Our in-house lab produces lifelike, carefully crafted porcelain veneers that are effective in many different situations. For teeth that need functional support, we can also produce in-house dental crowns that match the look and color of your enamel. (more…)

3 Dental Concerns We Can Address With Our In-House Lab

Our New York, NY dental office is able to make patient care more convenient thanks to our in-house dental lab. With our in-house lab, we are able to craft attractive custom restorations that can address both cosmetic dental concerns and oral health problems. By using our lab, and not relying on a third party to craft our restorations, we can shorten treatment times for individuals who come to us for help. We are also able to oversee every step of the creation of a dental crown or veneer meant for your smile. That oversight from your dentist can ensure that when your restoration is ready, it is the ideal shape, size, and color for you. For people in many different circumstances, our dental lab can make treatment faster while delivering great results. (more…)

Our Dental Lab Can Make Your Care More Convenient

For restorative and cosmetic dental work, patients can be understandably eager to see treatment completed in the shortest time possible. At other dental offices, you can find yourself waiting to complete a procedure because a third party lab is tasked with crafting your custom restoration. At our New York, NY dental office, we can make your treatment experience more convenient by using our in-house lab to create custom dental veneers and dental crowns. After performing careful preliminary work, we can make sure that our lab has all the information required to craft a restoration that fits properly, has the right look to match your surrounding teeth, and offers lasting support for you. Using an in-house lab instead of a third party also ensures that your dentist is present to oversee every step of the development of your veneer or crown. (more…)

Our In-House Lab Produces Lifelike Restorations

At many dental practices, patients receive restorations that are created by third party dental labs. While the dental crowns and dental veneers produced by these third parties can be effective, this can lead to frustrating delays in treatment. Our New York, NY dental office is able to provide custom restorations without aggravating waiting periods, as we have an in-house dental lab that can produce lifelike dental crowns and veneers. This is a convenient treatment solution that can ensure you have work completed sooner, and with a restoration that is the ideal shape, size, and color. In addition to enjoying a shorter treatment, patients can feel more comfortable knowing that their dentist is able to oversee the construction of their crown or veneer. (more…)