Our Lab-Made Restorations Can Help Your Bite, And Your Smile

Patients seek out dental restorations for different reasons. If you have a healthy smile, but feel it does not look its best, cosmetic dental treatment can take care of the smile flaws that make you feel self-conscious. For someone who has problems with biting and chewing, or a concern about tooth decay, restorative dental work can help them improve their oral health, and the way they look. Our New York, NY dental office has an in-house dental lab that we can use to create quality restorations. We are capable of making cosmetic and restorative work more convenient – you can see meaningful improvements in the span of just one appointment! (more…)

We Can Design Attractive, Custom-Made Veneers In Our Lab!

How much good can a single dental appointment really do for your smile? At our New York, NY dental office, we can produce stunning cosmetic improvements that you are excited to show off in the span of a single day, thanks to our in-house dental lab! All of the technology we need to plan, design, and produce custom dental veneers is available at our practice. Because of this, we can complete cosmetic dental work for you without a frustrating delay. Veneers are able to make significant improvements to a person’s appearance, as they can cover up multiple superficial flaws with their placement. (more…)

We Can Make Custom, Lifelike Dental Crowns At Our Practice

At our New York, NY dental practice, patients can look forward to receiving restorations that are custom-made for their teeth, and designed to provide lifelike appearances that protect the way someone looks. For individuals who need cavity treatment, or for those who experience dental damage, we can provide durable dental crowns that fit comfortably, and closely imitate your enamel. What you can be particularly excited to know is that we have an in-house dental lab we use to craft these restorations. Because of this, you can have your dental work completed in as little as one appointment, so your oral health and smile issues are completely resolved with minimal delay! (more…)

Learn More About Restorations Made From An In-House Lab

If you want a quality dental restoration, are you stuck waiting on a third party lab to mail a custom dental crown or veneer to your dentist? While many people accept that there will be a delay in their smile treatment, our New York, NY dental office can actually complete your work in less time thanks to our in-house dental lab! Because we have the technology required to produce restorations on site, we can have your smile improved in as little as one appointment. This also makes it possible for your dentist to oversee the design and construction of your crown or veneer, to ensure that it will be just the right shape, size, and color for you. (more…)

Our In-House Lab Can Make Emergency Dental Treatment Easier

While our New York, NY dental office is ready to help you take care of a dental emergency, we hope you never have to request urgent care for your smile! Of course, while people would generally prefer to avoid any kind of dental problem, it is still important to know that you have access to care if one arises. Thanks to our in-house dental lab, it is possible for us to craft a lifelike restoration for an injured tooth on site. This can shorten your treatment time, and ensure that you receive an appropriate restoration after the incident occurs. For injuries that impact your tooth’s health and ability to offer biting and chewing support, we can provide durable dental crowns that imitate natural teeth. We also provide custom veneers for minor damages that only result in cosmetic dental concerns. (more…)

Creating Smile-Friendly Restorations With Our In-House Lab

When you have the chance to make big improvements to your smile, you can be eager to see those improvements as soon as possible! Because our New York, NY dental practice relies on an in-house lab to craft lifelike restorations on site, we can actually deliver results from dental work in less time than you might think possible. Our house-made dental veneers and dental crowns can enable us to complete a person’s treatment in as little as one appointment. As a result, you can cut out a frustrating wait to have the kind of cosmetic dental improvements that make you thrilled with your smile! (more…)

We Can Use In-House Restorations To Address Dental Damage

Dental damage can create problems for your oral health and appearance that you definitely do not want to ignore! Depending on how severe the damage is, you may need to schedule emergency dental care to manage the matter. Even if the problem does not feel like an urgent concern, you can be understandably unhappy to have a visible chip or crack that disrupts your smile. At our New York, NY dental office, our in-house dental lab is able to produce restorations that can provide relief from problems concerning dental damage! In addition to providing a custom dental crown or veneer developed with your dentist’s oversight, you can have a restoration that is ready for you in as little as one appointment! (more…)

3 Benefits Patients Enjoy Thanks To Our In-House Dental Lab

Why should you worry about where your dental restoration is made? Dental practices often assign the crafting of dental crowns and veneers to third party labs. This can result in you receiving an attractive and lifelike restoration…eventually. You will have to wait for that lab to finish their work, and then for the restoration to arrive at your dentist’s office, before you can complete the treatment of a tooth. If there are any problems with the veneer or crown, your dentist will not be able to spot them until it arrives at their office. At our New York, NY dental practice, we rely on an in-house lab to produce restorations for our patients! This means your dentist can oversee this work, and that your smile can be restored in as little as one appointment! (more…)

Our Dental Lab Can Lead To Shorter Treatment Times

You would have a hard time finding a person who might prefer if their dental work took longer to complete. If you want to do something about cosmetic smile flaws, or if you need to address a problem with the health of a tooth, talk to our New York, NY dental practice about receiving a restoration from our in-house lab! Thanks to the technology we have on site, we can complete custom dental work in as little as one appointment. Individuals who want to hide issues with discolored, misshapen, or poorly sized teeth can make great improvements before an upcoming event, and those who need oral health care can have their problem settled in a remarkably short time! (more…)

Our In-House Lab Helps Us Take Care Of Cavities In Less Time

A cavity’s effect on your tooth can be serious – any damage you suffer will be permanent, and letting a cavity continue to grow can lead to notable complications. For other dental practices, a cavity that requires a dental crown can require multiple appointments to fully address. Because our New York, NY dental practice is able to craft custom crowns in our in-house lab, we can actually shorten your treatment. In fact, our access to an on-site lab means that your dentist can place the restoration in less time, and watch over its creation to ensure that it is the right look and fit for you. While it can be difficult to ever call a cavity “convenient,” we can make the process of restoring your tooth simpler than you might have thought possible! (more…)