How Dental Implants Help To Restore An Incomplete Smile

While your New York, NY dentist is ready to help you maintain a healthy smile, you can also look forward to modern care if you need to address oral health concerns that affect you. Tooth loss can cause major problems for an individual. In addition to making your smile less attractive, the loss of teeth can be consequential for your basic dental functions. Over time, the problem can lead to further harm as your jawbone loses mass. If you want to make positive changes to your dental health, while also improving your smile, you can be excited to learn the benefits that come from restorative dental work. By addressing tooth loss with a restoration supported by a dental implant, you can feel better about your smile, your dental function, and your long-term oral health. (more…)

3 Benefits We Offer During Restorative Dental Work

Oral health problems can create trouble for the way you look, and make you vulnerable to complications that can cause further harm. Issues like dental damage, tooth loss, and cavities can be seriously disruptive if they are not addressed. Because your New York, NY dentist uses a modern approach to restorative dental work, and takes care to provide patients a comfortable experience, you can have a better experience during treatment than you might anticipate. Your tooth can be treated with a restoration that looks remarkably lifelike, so your work is discreet and attractive. You can also count on a more pleasant experience, as your dentist takes care to help you avoid discomfort. (more…)

The Right Dental Work Can Offer Remarkable Improvements

Your actions can betray your confidence – or lack of confidence – in the way your teeth look. If you hesitate to smile in pictures, or in conversation, you can give away a sense of dissatisfaction with your appearance, even if you successfully hide those flaws that make you self-conscious. What you should know is that modern dental care can make exciting, remarkable improvements surprisingly attainable. Your New York, NY dentist can produce custom restorations that address superficial flaws. You can make your smile look consistently brighter, more symmetrical, and even younger by seeking the right cosmetic dental procedure. If the issues that affect certain teeth affect how you are able to bite and chew, dental crowns can offer functional value, while also fixing esthetic concerns. Your dentist relies on an in-house lab to construct porcelain veneers and crowns that provide great cosmetic value, and lasting support. (more…)

Porcelain Veneers Can Help You Show Off A Beautiful Smile

Sometimes, a relatively minor flaw on one tooth can be easy to shrug off, particularly when the flaw affects a tooth that is less important to your smile. With that said, multiple issues with the shape, size, color, or alignment of several teeth can leave you feeling deeply bothered by the way your teeth look. Because several problems can feel like a more significant problem, it can be easy to feel that meaningful cosmetic dental improvements may be difficult to achieve. Fortunately, your New York, NY dentist is able to work with you on making significant changes to your appearance with porcelain veneers. You can receive custom veneers made in our in-house dental lab to address many different concerns, and make striking changes to how you look!  (more…)

Enjoy Live Holiday Music At Astor Plaza!

Families in and around the Manhattan area will have several opportunities to enjoy live Christmas music at Astor Plaza this year! Performers will gather at the plaza on Tuesday, December 11, December 18, and December 20 to perform renditions of beloved holiday hits. You can take a detour from shopping to enjoy afternoon performances on both Tuesdays, and an evening performance that Thursday. The musicians will be playing for FREE, making this an easy family outing to take in! Your New York, NY dentist is ready to work with you now and in the new year. If you want to show off a great smile for 2019, and you are thinking about cosmetic dental work, our practice can offer notable improvements in a modern and comfortable environment! (more…)

Enjoying High Quality Care During Your Dental Procedure

When you go in for dental care of any kind, you can arrive with certain expectations in mind. It is reasonable to expect that you want to remain as comfortable as possible during treatment. You also presumably want to be sure that your dental work causes no problems with your smile. Your New York, NY dentist’s office is proud to offer a high degree of quality care for patients – that means focusing on your comfort, and the quality of care you receive. An individual looking to improve their smile, or someone looking to fix a dental issue, can feel calm and collected during their procedure, and confident with their results when they leave! (more…)

Relying On A Dental Bridge For Support After Tooth Loss

When even one tooth is missing from your smile, the effects can be serious, and they can intrude on your daily life. You may find yourself increasingly frustrated by the way tooth loss intrudes on your meals, as it interferes with your ability to bite and chew food. You might find that the problem leaves you uncomfortable with your smile. What you might not realize is how the problem can lead to more trouble over time, unless you do something about it. If you want to avoid complications, talk to your New York, NY dentist about a dental bridge. You can receive a secure bridge that stays secure enough to help you bite and chew comfortably. Because the bridge is designed to act as a cosmetic replacement, you can also feel more confident about how you look after you receive it. (more…)

We Can Design The Ideal Dental Crown For Your Smile Needs

Damages, cavities, and naturally occurring issues with a tooth’s shape or size can leave your smile in poor shape. If you are struggling with any of these issues, you could have a harder time biting and chewing, while also feeling unhappy with the look of your smile. Fortunately, dental crowns provide the kind of functional and esthetic support that serious tooth problems can demand. The ideal dental crown is one that provides cosmetic benefits, protection, and the ideal fit. Because your New York, NY dentist maintains an in-house lab, your custom crown can be tailored to your needs. Your dentist can oversee its creation to make sure it has the right look, and provides the exact fit, that you require.  (more…)

Finding Time To Whiten Your Teeth Around The Holidays

How would you like to greet people at the holidays with a terrific, bright smile? Are you interested in greeting the new year with more confidence? A professional teeth whitening treatment from your New York, NY dentist’s office can be more convenient than you realize, meaning it can be surprisingly easy to fit in at the holiday season. You actually have the ability to choose the right approach for your current scheduling needs. While some will find it easier to arrange a teeth whitening treatment at our Manhattan office, others will prefer to take home a custom whitening kit. This treatment is one of many ways in which your dentist can help you show off a brilliant, dazzling smile! (more…)

Our In-House Lab Helps Us Provide Great Smile Care

With the right restoration, it is possible to make amazing improvements to a person’s smile. To make sure your dental work looks terrific, your New York, NY dentist has an in-house dental lab where dental crowns and porcelain veneers can be constructed. This can cut down on the time it takes for you to complete dental work, so you are showing off the benefits of treatment in less time. It also means you can look forward to receiving fantastic care. After all, your dentist is able to oversee the process of creating your crown or veneer, and they can work directly with your technician to make sure it fully addresses your smile needs. (more…)