Restoring Your Injured Tooth Before An Important Event

When you have an important event coming up, you have some understandable concerns about your appearance. After all, you have an understandable incentive to look your best when you go to an important job interview, a class reunion, or other significant event. A dental injury in advance of these events can inspire serious panic. On top of your immediate concerns over the condition of your tooth, you have to worry that your injury will affect how you look at your big event. Fortunately, your New York, NY dentist is ready to provide you with a dental restoration made in-house, so you can restore your smile without an uncomfortable delay! (more…)

Promptly Restoring Your Lovely Smile After A Dental Injury

You take care of your teeth, and you take pride in showing off a bright, lovely smile. Unfortunately, a dental injury can have a seemingly severe effect on the way you look. If you experience dental damage in an emergency situation, you can turn to your New York, NY dentist for support. Our practice is ready to help you deal with the oral health effects of an injury. We can also create an attractive restoration for you in a single appointment, thanks to the presence of our in-house dental lab, which we can use to create dental crowns and veneers. (more…)

We Can Act Quickly To Address Your Dental Emergency!

Your New York, NY dentist is ready to take care of your if a dental emergency occurs. While this is hopefully not something you ever have to seek out, you should be aware that prompt treatment after an injury, or the onset of persistent pain, is available. Knowing that care is attainable can help you move through the steps of arranging it, rather than panicking over what to do. You can be happy to know that in addition to addressing the matter promptly, your dentist can make sure your tooth receives the appropriate restoration in less time thanks to our in-office dental lab. (more…)

Our In-House Lab Can Offer A Fast Fix For A Dental Emergency

Dental injuries can create a big concern for you – until you receive treatment, your smile can show signs of unsightly damage. Just one chipped or cracked tooth can seriously hurt your appearance, and make you self-conscious. You can also find yourself worrying about the condition of your tooth, and the risk that it might experience more trouble until it is treated. Fortunately, you can count on prompt care from your New York, NY dentist after a dental injury occurs. Our practice readily takes on people in need of emergency dental work. Because we have an in-house dental lab, we can provide you with the restoration you need in less time! (more…)

Creating A Better Prosthetic Experience With Dental Implants

When you think about what you might want from prosthetic dental work, are you only focused on cosmetic improvements? A better smile can certainly be achieved from the placement of lifelike restorations, but the right approach to dental care can also have functional benefits that improve your quality of life. You can speak with your New York, NY dentist about using dental implants to hold a restoration firmly in place. This arrangement can make biting, chewing, and speaking more comfortable, as you will have valuable support to make up for the loss of your original teeth. You can also enjoy long-term support for the health of your jaw. (more…)

Our In-House Lab Offers Attractive, Dependable Restorations

Dental restorations are used to make important changes to teeth. Sometimes, those changes are purely cosmetic in nature. You might receive porcelain veneers as a means of improving the shape, or apparent condition, of a particular tooth. If a tooth needs support to keep it in good health, a restoration in the form of a dental crown can be used to help. Many practices will provide restorations made in third party labs, which can extend the time it takes to complete your work. Fortunately, you can arrange care with your New York, NY dentist, who offers custom restorations made in our in-house dental lab! (more…)

Crowns Can Beautify Your Smile, And Protect Vulnerable Teeth

Modern dental restorations can be perfectly sized for your tooth, and made to imitate your tooth structure. Because of this, you can count on your restorative dental work to provide real value for your appearance, in addition to delivering needed support for a vulnerable tooth. Your New York, NY dentist is ready to help patients deal with problems like tooth decay, dental damage, and teeth with naturally occurring flaws through the placement of a crown. Because our practice also features an in-house dental lab, you can have your custom crown in less time than you might expect! (more…)

Cosmetic Dental Work Can Offer Truly Exciting Smile Changes!

How excited are you to show off your smile when you enter a room, or meet someone new? If you feel self-conscious about the condition of your teeth, it can affect your demeanor and confidence in frustrating ways. You can do something about dental flaws that make you uncomfortable, and change the way you behave in social settings. Your New York, NY dentist can work with you on making big improvements to your teeth with a modern cosmetic dental procedure. With the right treatment, you can transform the way you look, and give yourself a terrific confidence boost! (more…)

Using The Right Material To Produce Lifelike Restorations

When you think about what you want from a dental restoration, you should keep in mind how that restoration needs to maintain its condition even as it absorbs significant biting and chewing pressures. If you want to maintain a dental restoration, or cosmetic dental work, durable materials are key. With that said, you can also have understandable concerns about how your smile looks after you undergo any treatment. Your New York, NY dentist provides dental work that can protect teeth, while also closely matching the look of your enamel. Our in-house dental lab even makes it possible to have impressive work done in the span of just one day! (more…)

What Will It Take To Protect My Teeth Against Stains?

If you have a smile that is healthy, but discolored, you can feel particularly bothered by your troubles with teeth stains. After all, you have taken care of your teeth and prevented cavities from forming – what else should you do if you want to make your smile bright? To limit the accumulation of new stains, be careful to limit your intake of dark and color-rich products, and keep up with effective oral hygiene at home. Your New York, NY dentist can talk to you about addressing existing stains with a professional whitening treatment, which can make your smile noticeably brighter.  (more…)