Check Out the CMOM ComicCon Event Oct 6-8!

From Saturday, October 6 through Monday, October 8, you and your family can experience some spectacular fun at the Children’s Museum Of Manhattan’s Comic-Con event! This three day experience encourages families in and around Manhattan to take part in special interactive events, learn more about the making of comic books, and create your own gadgets. These activities can encourage creativity, and offer loads of fun for kids. The CMOM Comic-Con gives families an opportunity to play a character early in October. Of course, the end of October offers another big day for dressing up and playing pretend – Halloween! If you want to make sure your smile stays healthy through the holiday, make sure you have your regular dental checkups scheduled with your New York, NY dentist’s office. (more…)

Finding Solutions To Frustrating Cosmetic Dental Problems

If you find it hard to ignore the flaws that hurt the quality of your smile, you may be ready to find out how cosmetic dental care from your New York, NY dentist can help you. The right procedure can lead to impressive improvements. Unfortunately, many people hesitate to inquire about cosmetic work over concerns that the only viable solution will be a long or particularly involved one. What you should know is that your dentist can make remarkable changes, and that those changes can be completed more easily than you realize. While some treatments, like professional teeth whitening, can focus on a single flaw, there are individual treatments that can result in several positive changes. (more…)

Lifelike Veneers Make Remarkable Smile Changes Possible

If you have several concerns about the appearance of your teeth, you may worry that truly effective smile care will be a long and involved process. Fortunately, there are cosmetic dental procedures your New York, NY dentist can provide that make big changes possible in less time than you expect. One procedure many people have benefited from is the placement of lifelike porcelain veneers. You can hide blemishes, damage, and even congenital flaws by placing veneers on problem teeth. While they are remarkably slim, the material used to construct your veneers is remarkably durable, which means you can maintain your results for many years! This is one of many cosmetic services available to you. You can set up a consultation to learn more about how veneers can provide you with remarkable smile changes. (more…)

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