Quiz: Understanding How Plaque And Tartar Affect Your Smile

Why is it necessary to make oral care a daily habit? Why should you take the time to brush at least two times a day, and floss at least once? Consistency and thoroughness are both important to your oral health because oral bacteria can accumulate over time. If too much time passes without cleaning your teeth, plaque can form, and your plaque deposits can eventually harden to tartar. If you have tartar deposits on your teeth, it will take a professional dental cleaning to remove them. Plaque can be cleared away by good brushing and flossing habits. As effective as it can be, a good daily oral care routine should not be your only means of protecting your smile. You should also schedule ongoing dental exams. Your New York, NY dentist can work with you to ensure your smile is properly protected against oral health threats. (more…)

Stopping A Cavity Before Your Tooth Becomes Infected

A tooth infection is a painful problem, one that also poses a threat to your oral health. If no action is taken in time, bacteria can spread from your pulp, and do more harm to your jawbone, and to neighboring teeth. Fortunately, your New York, NY dentist can address the matter in a comfortable environment, and by using modern restorations that look natural when you smile. Of course, even with advanced care available to you, your goal should be to avoid an infection to begin with. Smart daily care can limit your cavity risk, and regular dental exams create important opportunities for your dentist to look for any signs of trouble. If decay is caught in time, you can avoid an infection, and have your tooth completely treated with a dental filling. (more…)

Can I Really Take A Professional Whitening Treatment Home?

By undergoing a cosmetic dental procedure, you can target a number of different flaws that currently keep you from showing off your best smile. While there are several treatment options available to you, it seems safe to assume that any procedure you choose will require you to undergo work at your New York, NY dentist’s office…right? While there are beneficial in-office procedures you can enjoy, a take-home whitening treatment can offer big changes you can make while at home. Your dentist can supply you with a custom set of whitening trays that comfortably fit your teeth, and allow you to evenly administer prescription-strength whitening agents to your smile. By the time you complete your treatments, you can see improvements in your smile color that match the results you can enjoy from an in-office procedure.  (more…)

Check Out Saturday Morning Cartoons: Winter Creatures Nov 17

On Saturday, November 17, the Irish Arts Center will welcome families for its Saturday Morning Cartoons: Winter Creatures event. The program will offer entertainment and education while focusing on animals in winter, including the different birds that spend their winters in the New York area. In addition to screening cartoons, there will be treats (pancakes for the kids, mimosas for the parents), as well as additional fun performances. Your New York, NY dentist’s office encourages families to take advantage of the many fun, cultural, and educational happenings in the area. We also want to remind you to take advantage of professional dental services – you should plan to see your dentist every six months for routine checkups! (more…)

Improving Your Smile By Fixing A Chipped Or Cracked Tooth

Your New York, NY dentist is ready to help you deal with a recent dental injury, or a past problem you are ready to effectively address. In many cases, superficial damages like minor chips and cracks can be covered through a discreet, modern cosmetic dental procedure. You can even find that your results are available in less time than you expect, as bonding and contouring work can correct problems in as little as one appointment. You can also have damage restored with a dental crown, or with inlays or onlays, depending on how serious the damage to your tooth is, and how much support it needs. (more…)

Are Your Stress Levels Creating Problems For Your Teeth?

While few people willingly invite stress into their lives, it can sometimes be hard to avoid. With that said, prolonged periods of stress can have negative effects on your health that should worry you – including effects on your oral health. One issue with stress for your smile is that it can lead to a habit of teeth grinding, and may lead to problems with TMJ dysfunction. TMJ dysfunction can cause you to experience regular pain in your face, neck, and head, while also interfering with your dental function. If you develop a habit of grinding your teeth at night (a problem often referred to as bruxism), you can face an unappealing prospect of suffering dental damage. Your New York, NY dentist can help you manage these problems. Through regular dental exams, you can also enjoy ongoing care that can help you avoid oral health complications, even in stressful periods. (more…)

Quiz: What Should You Know About Prosthetic Dental Work?

What would you like to see prosthetic dental work do for you? Are you ready to make biting and chewing more comfortable by addressing smile gaps? Would you like to address the frustrating cosmetic problems that come with tooth loss? Through modern restorative dental work from your New York, NY dentist, you can be impressed by how much improvement you can see with the right treatment. It is possible to permanently secure a lifelike prosthetic that fits in nicely with your smile. You can feel more confident, and more comfortable, as you flash a smile that looks natural and attractive. With support from a dental implant, you can also take the additional step of protecting your jawbone from deterioration, a problem that occurs over time when you have absent teeth. (more…)

Is Dehydration Causing Trouble For Your Smile?

Staying hydrated certainly matters to your health. Maintaining good hydration levels can benefit things like your weight, and your energy levels. What you might not realize is that your oral health can be impacted by this issue. There are several issues that can result if you are not staying hydrated, or drinking enough water. Persistent issues with dry mouth leave you lacking saliva, which offers a natural form of protection against oral bacteria and cavities throughout the day. A lack of water also robs you of the ability to rinse away harmful debris that can gather when you eat meals or snacks. While your preventive dental visits with your New York, NY dentist are important, there are daily measures you should take that can have a big impact on your oral health. Failing to stay hydrated could leave you at the mercy of tooth decay, even if you are confident in your oral hygiene habits. (more…)

Using Inlays And Onlays To Focus On Specific Dental Flaws

A relatively small tooth flaw can create a real problem for your smile. Fortunately, your New York, NY dentist can focus their attention more precisely on the area of concern, while leaving more of your dental structure intact. Porcelain inlays and onlays make it possible to directly cover up a problem area – you can hide chips, cracks, and other problems that might bring unwanted attention. The material used manages to serve as a remarkable match for your tooth structure, and it can maintain its condition for many years. If you have concerns about a tooth’s health or appearance, schedule a consultation to find out what you should do. Your dentist can determine the most effective approach to treating the matter. While cosmetic dental work can cover up many superficial problems, some cases of dental damage do call for restorative care. (more…)

Cosmetic Fillings – Restoring a Tooth with Gum Recession

Teeth with gum recession can be abraded and get decay and become sensitive. They can be restored with very conservative tooth colored filling, with very little drilling of the tooth structure. These fillings are made of fine composite and which are high resistant to staining. This is a very painless procedure leaving a happy patient.


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