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Without Treatment, An Injured Tooth May Become Infected

If you leave your tooth alone after injury, you may find that discomfort remains a persistent issue. Our teeth are not able to mend themselves as effectively as other parts of our body. While many physical injuries can heal with time, a tooth that is chipped or cracked can remain damaged. What you also have… Read more »

Our In-House Lab Helps Us Respond To Dental Emergencies

After chipping, cracking, or otherwise breaking a tooth, you can find yourself in need of dental care as soon as possible. Our New York, NY dentist can provide emergency dental care in a situation where you need prompt attention. By acting quickly, we can improve the chances of saving a badly damaged, loosened, or dislodged… Read more »

Our In-House Lab Can Make Emergency Dental Treatment Easier

While our New York, NY dental office is ready to help you take care of a dental emergency, we hope you never have to request urgent care for your smile! Of course, while people would generally prefer to avoid any kind of dental problem, it is still important to know that you have access to… Read more »

Benefits of Our In-House Lab

  Being able to make adjustments to a case that would normally have to be sent back to the lab to adjust in just minutes. Reduce the amount of visits required in the office. Shorter waiting periods for cases to be done. Great for emergency cases that need immediate restoration. Able to communicate with lab… Read more »

The Role Our In-House Lab Can Play In Emergency Dental Work

There are several reasons a person should dread experiencing a dental injury. While the inconvenience of this issue may not be as upsetting as the pain, or the potential impact on your smile, you can certainly feel upset at the time required to properly address dental trauma. With that said, you may be happy to… Read more »

We Can Offer A Quick Response When You Chip Or Crack A Tooth

When you look at a chipped or cracked tooth in your smile, you can feel distressed over the situation you are in – in addition to physical pain, you have to worry about the cosmetic effect of your dental trauma. It is important to schedule restorative dental work when a tooth is injured like this… Read more »

Our Practice Can Offer Convenient Care In An Emergency!

While you may not WANT to add emergency dental work to an already busy day, you can be glad to know that prompt treatment is available when you need it! At your local New York, NY dental practice, you can receive attention when something unexpected happens to your smile. Dealing with the matter quickly is… Read more »

Do You Need Emergency Treatment Due To Dental Pain?

If your tooth is chipped, knocked loose, or completely dislodged, you can see a clear need for emergency dental work. What might be less clear is whether you should consider dental pain an urgent problem. Problem with severe or persistent discomfort is not a matter that you should take lightly. You may be feeling the… Read more »

3 Reasons To Count On Us During A Dental Emergency

Who should you turn to after an injury hurts your smile, or an issue with dental discomfort intrudes on your life? Our New York, NY dental office can make sure you have your needs met if you find yourself in need of emergency dental care. The first step will involve examining your smile, and making… Read more »

What To Expect During Same-Day Emergency Dental Care

It can be difficult to keep your spirits up after you injure your tooth, or start to experience a painful toothache. While your discomfort can be an obvious problem, you can be relieved to know that impressive care is available to you from your New York, NY dentist’s office, and in less time than you… Read more »