Category: Preventive Dentistry

Benefits of Our In-House Lab

  Being able to make adjustments to a case that would normally have to be sent back to the lab to adjust in just minutes. Reduce the amount of visits required in the office. Shorter waiting periods for cases to be done. Great for emergency cases that need immediate restoration. Able to communicate with lab… Read more »

Be Careful About Starchy, Sugary Foods At Thanksgiving

As tempting as it is to fill up your plate at Thanksgiving, you should consider how the foods you eat can impact your teeth. You might be surprised at the quantity of sugars and starches used in recipes, even those that seem healthy. Because many of us can count on leftovers, the impact of Thanksgiving… Read more »

Porcelain Veneers

No more breaking of dental veneers. Emax is a very aesthetic and strong porcelain. They can be thin and still maintain their strength. Since we have our own in-house lab, they can be made quickly. If a patient breaks an old veneer it can be stabilized in a day. Our lab technician is a well-known… Read more »

Make Sure You Stay Consistent With Your Oral Care Habits

Good habits only work when you stick to them. It may seem obvious to say “be consistent with brushing and flossing,” but the importance makes a little obviousness worth it. When you just feel too tired to brush before bed, or when you brush and floss as quickly as you can in order to make… Read more »

TMJ Dysfunction – What Do I Need To Know?

When a person develops problems with their jaw joints, or the muscles controlling their jaw movement, they can suffer discomfort, and functional difficulties. These problems, often referred to as TMJ dysfunction, can lead to stiff, painful jaw movement, as well as aches and pains in your face, neck, and head. You can also experience problems… Read more »

Quiz: Understanding How Plaque And Tartar Affect Your Smile

Why is it necessary to make oral care a daily habit? Why should you take the time to brush at least two times a day, and floss at least once? Consistency and thoroughness are both important to your oral health because oral bacteria can accumulate over time. If too much time passes without cleaning your… Read more »

Are Your Stress Levels Creating Problems For Your Teeth?

While few people willingly invite stress into their lives, it can sometimes be hard to avoid. With that said, prolonged periods of stress can have negative effects on your health that should worry you – including effects on your oral health. One issue with stress for your smile is that it can lead to a… Read more »

Is Dehydration Causing Trouble For Your Smile?

Staying hydrated certainly matters to your health. Maintaining good hydration levels can benefit things like your weight, and your energy levels. What you might not realize is that your oral health can be impacted by this issue. There are several issues that can result if you are not staying hydrated, or drinking enough water. Persistent… Read more »

Cosmetic Fillings – Restoring a Tooth with Gum Recession

Teeth with gum recession can be abraded and get decay and become sensitive. They can be restored with very conservative tooth colored filling, with very little drilling of the tooth structure. These fillings are made of fine composite and which are high resistant to staining. This is a very painless procedure leaving a happy patient…. Read more »

Fighting Gum Disease With Expert Periodontal Care

Your gum health can play a surprising role in your overall oral health. You might be surprised to know that of all the possible causes of tooth loss, the most likely cause is due to the effects of advanced gum disease. Unfortunately, once a periodontal problem reaches a more serious stage, it can become difficult… Read more »