Category: Restorative Dentistry

Without Treatment, An Injured Tooth May Become Infected

If you leave your tooth alone after injury, you may find that discomfort remains a persistent issue. Our teeth are not able to mend themselves as effectively as other parts of our body. While many physical injuries can heal with time, a tooth that is chipped or cracked can remain damaged. What you also have… Read more »

We Can Save You Time By Designing Your Restoration In-House

Your time is important, but so is your smile. Is there a way for you to enjoy quality dental work that also limits the time you spend in the dentist’s chair? At our New York, NY dentist’s office, we can make impressive treatment surprisingly convenient thanks to our in-office dental lab! The lab at our… Read more »

Can My Dentist Really Create A Permanent Crown In-House?

The ability to create and place a restoration at one location can make restorative dentistry more convenient for patients. At many dental offices, the dental crowns provided to patients are actually made at a third party dental lab. In this arrangement, the process of restoring a problem tooth can take longer, and it can require… Read more »

We Can Make Smile-Friendly Restorations At Our Office

Do you feel uncomfortable with the idea of waiting for dental work to be completed? At many other dental practices, patients have to wait for their work to be finished because third party dental labs are responsible for crafting the restoration (or restorations) they need. At our New York, NY dentist’s office, individuals who are… Read more »

A Crown From Our In-House Lab Can Address Bite Problems

At our New York, NY dentist’s office, we are prepared to help you respond quickly when a problem affects your dental health. Trouble with a tooth can be more than just painful – until the matter is resolved, it can hurt your ability to bite and chew comfortably. That can lead to changes in your… Read more »

Our In-House Lab Keeps Us More Involved In Your Dental Work

When a dental practice relies on a third party lab for their restorations, the process of designing a custom dental crown or dental veneer takes place without your dentist’s supervision. In other words, the person who carefully measures your tooth to determine the right shape, size, and color of your restoration will not be included… Read more »

Restorations Made In-House Can Shorten Time For Dental Work

How long should it really take for your dentist to complete work on your smile? Many practices have to wait for a third party lab to produce the restorations required to address a patient’s dental concerns. What this means is that you have to wait until a third party sends a dental crown or veneer… Read more »

Can You Make Time For Dental Work Before A Big Event?

The idea of dental work can feel like a commitment that will be hard to fit into your current schedule. Because of this, you may be unwilling to even explore the idea of restoring your smile before an important event because you assume there will simply be too little time. At our New York, NY… Read more »

Have You Been Frustrated By Past Delays In Dental Care?

If you are planning cosmetic dental work, you can be eager to see the results of your procedure. If you have a problem with your oral health, you can be more than ready to have the problem resolved through the appropriate restorative dental procedure. At our New York, NY dentist’s office, patients can count on… Read more »

We Can Remove Frustrating Waiting Periods From Dental Care

When many dental offices provide cosmetic or restorative dental work, patients can be stuck with a frustrating wait while a third party lab constructs the restoration (or restorations) that they require. This reliance on a third party does more than just create a delay in treatment, it also means your dentist is not present to… Read more »