Customizable Smile Enhancements

Preventive and general dental care can help you avoid most chronic dental health issues, but many of the concerns that affect your smile’s appearance can’t always be prevented. For example, teeth can stain even when they’re healthy, or become chipped or cracked due to issues outside of your control. For many such issues, we can design a customized cosmetic treatment plan to conveniently and effectively restore your smile’s appearance. The goal of your treatment will be to improve your smile and restore your confidence, but also to help protect and preserve a maximum amount of your healthy, natural tooth structure.

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10 porcelain veneers on upper arch and 10 porcelain veneers on lower arch.


Be More Confident in Your Smile’s Appearance

Many of the issues that commonly affect your smile’s appearance can be quickly and conveniently corrected with the right cosmetic dentistry treatment. For more information, schedule a consultation by calling the dental office Dr. Jack Schwartz in New York today at 212-582-6617 or emailing