Veronica Rebustillo

  • Certified DDS from the Philippines.
  • Receptionist with Dr. Schwartz for 29 years.
  • Will work with patients schedule to set up most opportune time for appointments.
  • Completely computer literate and up to date with all dental computer programs.
  • In-depth knowledge of most insurances.
  • Friendly and helpful.

Veronica on working with Dr. Schwartz:

“I started working for Dr. Schwartz the same month his first child was born in 1987. Over the years I have seen Dr. Schwartz’s dedication to his patients, practice, colleagues, staff and family. By working with him in the operatory and front desk I have personally seen his skills and the quality of dentistry. He is an incredibly hard worker and his meticulous eye for detail insures that every patient has the best dental work possible. In fact, I have always recommended my family and friends to this office for all their dental work. With our state of the art equipment and the best and latest dental materials available I am proud to refer all the people that I can. Our patients are wonderful people. Through the years that I have been working at this office, I have always tried to add a personal touch in all my dealings with patients.”

Jules Balla

  • Certified Dental Technician with Dr. Schwartz for 18 years.
  • Master’s Degree in Dental Technology from New York University.
  • In charge of state of the art in house lab.
  • Involved with dentistry since 1987.

Jules on working in the dentistry field and with Dr. Schwartz:

“I love being in the health care field. I enjoy being in an environment that allows me to create high quality restorations to the best of my ability. I have had the opportunity to work with many top doctors in NYC and help them provide the best health care for their patients and I have enjoyed working for all of them. Seven years ago I began working with Dr. Schwartz and am in charge of his lab. To be in an office and be able to work side by side with a doctor and see an end result is the greatest pleasure.

“In this office we have assembled a lab with top notch technology and are able to offer the highest quality work possible. And we strive for that with every patient. When it comes to quality in crown and bridge work it is important to have a lab on premises; the doctor and technician can then work close together and the patient doesn’t have to leave the office. Teamwork is so important to delivering good dental work.

“Dr. Schwartz and I have always had a very understanding relationship that has allowed me to feel comfortable and give the best product possible.”

Diane Krasne

  • 31 years of experience as a Certified Dental Hygienist.
  • Dental Hygienist with Dr. Schwartz for 22 years.
  • Dedicated to giving patients a thorough prophylaxis procedure (Prophy) that is not only pain free but educational and informative.
  • Uses latest Prophy techniques that include caution care and the Prophy jet to remove all plaque and tartar stains on the teeth.

Diane on working alongside Dr. Schwartz:

“I have been a hygienist for over 31 years and have worked in Dr. Schwartz’s office for the last 22 years..  This is the office where I feel I belong.  The level of loyalty among Dr. Schwartz’s patients only attests to the devotion and professionalism which he in turn gives to each and every one of them. Dr. Schwartz is patient, knowledgeable and one of the top restorative dentists in his field.  Because of his commitment to having the most advanced technology, I have learned so much to pass on to my patients, enabling me to give them the best care possible. Working at Dr. Schwartz’s office I feel I am part of a team of professionals dedicated to giving our patients the highest quality dentistry.”

Susan Schwartz

  • Receptionist for 30 years.
  • In-depth knowledge of most insurances and has always helped patients to maximize their benefits.
  • Responsible for all bookkeeping and accounting procedures in the office.

Susan on working with Dr. Schwartz:

“I know so many close friends and extended family that have learned to depend on Dr. Schwartz for so many years. Many doctors shy away from treating family and friends, however in Dr. Schwartz’ case he felt he was the best person to treat them. Usually the more people outside the office get to know Dr. Schwartz personally the more they seek him out to deliver their dental care.”

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